Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Bail Someone Out From NBI Detention

  • Go to the Court that issued the Warrant of Arrest.
  • File a Motion to Reduce Bail. Have it signed by the Judge.
  • Also get a copy of the Warrant of Arrest.
  • Visit Detainee at the NBI (Taft Avenue, Manila) detention cell. For moral support. And also to take his/her picture. Bust shot. Front, left, and right.
  • Get a Certificate of Detention from the Security Management Division (SMD) Office. Look for Ma'am Judith1.
  • Have the Detainee's pictures printed. Size: 2x2.
  • Get a blank piece of bond paper.
  • Go back to the Detention Cell and have the detainee sign the back of the 2x2 pictures.
  • Borrow the stamp pad from the guard on duty. Take the Detainee's fingerprints on the blank piece of paper, and have him/her sign at the bottom of the paper.
  • Go back to the issuing Court, and file an application for bail. Then submit the requirements, which are the Certificate of Detention, the 2x2 pics, and the signed fingerprints. Plus the cash, of course.
  • The Court will now issue an Order of Release. Photocopy it. Also photocopy the official receipts for the cash bond deposits and the cash bond fees.
  • Go back to the NBI SMD Office. You have to take the arresting officer and the Court process server with you. Tell them to bring a photocopy of their ID, front and back. If it is impossible to get hold of the arresting officer, ask Ma'am Judith what your options are.
  • Present the following at the SMD office: the arresting officer, the Court process server, a photocopy of their IDs, the Order of Release, and the photocopy of the official receipts.
  • Once the SMD clears everything, go back to the detention cell. Present the SMD clearance to the guard on duty.
  • Once the Detainee is released, get away from the NBI office as fast as you can. Tell the Detainee to savor the air of freedom.

1As of 6 May 2010.