Saturday, September 6, 2008

So Help Me God

First semester second year is coming to a close, and there is this deep feeling in my gut that I just might fail.

The truth is, you really can't rely on what others say. People kept telling me that first year of law school was the hardest, and once you've gotten over that hurdle, everything will be easier. But such is not the case.

I only have three subjects this semester: Constitutional Law 2, Property, and Agency and Partnership. So far, only Consti is really easy to understand, despite the exaggeratedly thick cases that I have to read. The other two subjects, well I can't even describe how much I barely understand.

It is in times like these that I find myself going to church and praying fervently to God. I know you're supposed to pray everyday, not just when you need something. And I'm sorry, God, if I leave you hanging after you grant my prayers. God, by the way, has granted everything I've ever prayed for. Everything. Of course that doesn't mean that if I pray for an SUV tomorrow, I'll wake up and find one outside my house. What I meant was that every reasonable thing I've prayed for was granted. There is truth to the saying, "Ask, and ye shall receive."

Some people may find it strange that even with my strong Roman Catholic roots, I still dabble in the occult, and I even blog about it. But there's nothing strange about it at all. Once you've reconciled and harmonized everything in conflict, the universe becomes a truly beautiful place.

So now I pray, please Lord, Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, I pray that you hear me. Make me pass this semester. And the semesters after that. And the bar exam. And I promise I will go to church. PLEASE! Thank you. I love you God, you're the greatest. Nice shoes.

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