Monday, November 17, 2008

God is Good (But We Need Cash)

I said in my previous post, that if nothing follows that post, that means that I have been kicked out of law school.

Well, this is the post that follows that post, so logically -- you do the math.

Anyway, I'm still in Malcolm Hall, and I hope I don't screw it up this time.

Just one of the more humorous anecdotes from one of my more interesting professors this semester, the great yet intimidating Rowena V. Guanzon, former mayor of Cadiz (Ca-dith, mind the "th" sound, thank you very much).

Typical to most first days of class, we were asked to stand up and introduce ourselves. Since this class was Local Government, we had to state our name and the baranggay we lived in.

STUDENT: I am Sophia San Luis, from Baranggay Industrial Valley Complex, Marikina City.

RVG: You live in a baranggay called "Industrial Valley Complex?"

STUDENT: Yes, ma'am.

RVG: Who lives there? Robots?

Apparently the legal profession can become one big stand-up comedy act.


  1. da heyl.. Bakit may Loc Gov ka na? I think sasabay ako sa batch nyo gagraduate, if I do manage to graduate.

  2. May Loc Gov ako because I am a super-irregular international student. :-)

    Positive thinking. We WILL graduate and PASS the bar.