Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Ruben Balane Show. Episode 2

Thu, 17 Jun 2010.

More words of wisdom from the great Ruben Balane:

While discussing the case of Bonilla v. Barcena:

Here the heirs of Barcena said, "Your Honor, our mother is dead, and we will be substituting her because we are her heirs." Sabi naman n'ung judge, "No, you cannot, because your mother is dead." Sabi naman n'ung heirs, "E kaya nga we will be substituting her e, kasi nga she is dead, and we are her heirs! Sa'n ka ba nag-aral, sa Ateneo?"

Boom. Haha.

*Prof. Balane is also a member of the (thee) Ateneo Law School Faculty. Which I guess gives him the right to do this.


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  2. How is Atty. Balane as a professor of Succession? I want to take him but I don't have any feedback on his teaching and grading style. Thank you very much! -UP Law

  3. @Anonymous: He's good. Before moving on to the next topic, he makes sure everyone understands the last topic. And he gives fair grades.