Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bing Guanzon Show: Free Drinks Special

The first group to present a report on the Baranggay Project was our group. After that the professor was so happy, she bought the whole class a round of (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Memorable lines:

Who doesn't know how to use a condom? I don't want you leaving my class without knowing how to use a condom. So that when you have sex, you'll think of me!
-Bing Guanzon

* * *

There was also a happy memory, though not as happy as "The Assassination of Anthony Soprano".

* * *

Another quote from Bing Guanzon:

Who's that? (pointing to a picture of me on the screen. I raised my hand.) Oh, I thought it was a kagawad.

That's definitely not the first time someone told me I looked like/sounded like/reminded them of a kagawad. Whatever.

* * *

Lesson learned: Sorority sister-relationships are stronger than mere friends or classmates.

Duh. What the hell was I thinking.

Anyway, whatever happened to equal treatment and cold neutrality?

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