Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Day of Class: Crim Pro

Thurs, 19 Mar 2009.

Goodbye, Sir Arno. I love Thursdays because of you.

Because we are a chummier class, we can have pictures taken like this:

That's Sir Arno Sanidad in the middle. Everyone present except Doc Jan Esquivel.

Thanks to Christian Silva for the not-so-high-quality pic. Ho-hum. (Why is everyone smiling except Sir Arno? And me. Hahahaha)

You can also join The Arno Sanidad Fan Club on Facebook. Another senseless Facebook group created by me. I love senseless Facebook groups. (Coming soon: I Heart Sir Barry on Facebook.)


  1. grabe naman...may "not-so-high-quality" hirit pa talaga. (annoyed)

  2. haha sensitive ka pala. :) sorry!