Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sharon, Gabby, and the Baranggay Protection Order

Mon, 16 Mar 2009.

More adventures outside Malcolm.

My neighbor and childhood friend (codename Gabby), male, police officer with the rank of PO1, had an argument with his wife (codename Sharon) last Saturday night. He hit his wife at the back of the head four times with the butt of his standard issue handgun. Then he left. As a police officer, he spent weekdays at his assignment (somewhere south) and weekends with his family. He would be back on Friday.

I went to his house and saw his mother. I gave her a copy of the Baranggay Protection Order form, told her to tell Sharon to fill it up, take it to the baranggay, then wait for the protection order, which should only take a few minutes. That would be valid for fifteen (15) days, at which Gabby would not be allowed to come near his wife and children.

Yay. I feel so lawyerly.

However, I sense a certain weakness with the mother, as if she is not brave enough to go against her handgun-hitting first-born. I also remember that there is also a certain weakness with the wife Sharon. Maybe by Friday, her head would have cooled off. Maybe she would miss her husband. Maybe they would have great make-up sex afterwards. Maybe the protection order would be forgotten. But still...

Yay, I feel so lawyerly. (Lawyerly may not even be a word.)

I would like to thank my professor Bing Guanzon, for teaching me to start acting like a lawyer outside the classroom. I heart Bing Guanzon because she makes me say I heart.

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