Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Day of Class: Loc Gov, or The Bing Guanzon Show Season Finale

Tues, 24 Mar 2009.

Because we are a very chummy class, we have pictures taken like this:

Check that out. That's us in the classic Bing Guanzon pose. She should have had that pose copyrighted, because Bayani Fernando might use it for his presidential campaign.

We are possibly the chummiest class this semester. Possibly even the chummiest class ever. I've never seen a chummier class, even in undergrad.

The Bing Guanzon Show is the only class in UP Law that lets you go out and immerse with the real local government units. The baranggay project may be the first and the last time that you can experience something like it within the halls of Malcolm.

And for more chumminess:

These were taken with Ma'am's camera; hence, the high quality (and the very long upload time). I believe I am the only one with copies of these pics. I even have the pics of the other class. Haha. There are actually more of them. My classmates are closet camwhores.

Join Groupies of the Bing Guanzon Show on Facebook. (Stay tuned for I Heart Sir Barry. For those who both love and hate Barry Gutierrez.)

It makes me wonder if we now have the right to call her Tita Bing. For more closeness.

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