Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Senseless Facebook Groups

The thing with law school is that you have to do some crazy stuff just to keep your sanity. And my outlet is blogging and Facebooking. (Is Facebooking a recognized verb now?) Anyway, this is a story about a seemingly senseless Facebook group.

I created two Facebook groups, The Arno Sanidad Fan Club and Groupies of the Bing Guanzon Show. And then one day I got a message that said:

I am a very old, long lost friend of Bing Guanzon. Saw this group on FB. would love to get in touch with her. Please tell her it is Jiji Pama-Pawley. She can view my info on FB under Aura-Marie Pama Pawley. Hopefully we can reconnect. Thanks very much. I appreciate your help.

So I told Ma'am, and this is what she said:

hi GP,
thank you for the fan club! HAHAHA
Did you get my photo when I was mayor, seated on a rock, in black and white?
That's a good photo to remember your loc gov by.

I will leave the CD of "The Morning Show" ABSCBN visayas interview of me, the one you saw on the first day of class. if you want to post that, you may.

Jiji Pama is a dear friend. Thank you for reconnecting me with her.
Please give her this email address and my mobile phone.

Hmm, I think I will get a facebook too, to reconnect with old friends.

thank you

I was waiting for something like, "because you reconnected me with my dear old friend, I will give you a high grade." Or something like that. Hahaha. Of course I am only joking.

But still, moral of the story: seemingly senseless Facebook groups are not senseless after all. I have reconnected two old friends, and thus have made the world a better place.

And for that, the Barry Gutierrez Facebook group will be coming up soon. If I can find a decent picture of him. Only problem is, Sir Barry is also on Facebook. I just hope he's cool with it.

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